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Tired of balancing client work with boring & complex marketing and sales tasks?  MarketingBlocks has Everything you need to create, sell and market your business online… in one AI easy to use platform.

More leads, more sales, less marketing hassle, and more time to focus on what truly matters - your business, family and all the things you love.

One AI Software for All Your
Marketing & Sales Needs!


Landing Pages & Websites

Get your business website online in minutes by typing a few keywords or prompt.

AI creates the layout, writes the copy, searches for relevant media, and combines everything to create high-converting landing pages for more leads & sales.

AI Page Builder

AI Video Creator

Promo Videos

Create Promo Videos From Just A Keyword Using AI.

AI will create professional videos to engage your audience and turn them into high-paying customers. AI writes the script for you, searches for relevant media, and combines everything to create professional videos to promote your business.

Designs - Banners, Logos & Business Cards

AI Creates High Converting Banner Designs In Minutes.

AI creates designs stunning, conversion-friendly banners and ads with original content written specifically for your business.AI writes the script for you, searches for relevant media, and combines everything to BULK create gorgeous designs that drive traffic, leads, and sales.

AI Designer

AI Spokesvideos

AI Spokesvideos for Sales, Social Media, & Trainings

Turn Any Text Script Into A SpokesVideo Using AI

Transform text into engaging AI videos featuring real humans or avatars with just a few clicks.Simply select an avatar or let our AI generate one for you, input your script or let our AI generate it for you, and turn your script into a polished spokesperson video.

No need for a camera, studio, or green screen.

Bulk Social Media Content, Calendar & DM Automation

Create and schedule 3 months of unique content across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn in just 5 minutes.

Stay engaged with every interaction, capture every lead, and attract customers effortlessly. With MarketingBlocks, social media management is fast, efficient, and always on point.

AI Brand Kit

AI Writer

Long Form Content

AI Writer Writes Full Blog, Books, Business Plans, VSL Scripts, Courses & More In Minutes.

Generate just the content you need without brainstorming, writing, or even editing. Find the angle that suits you the best & even re-write the same content in unimaginable ways.Generate just the content you need without brainstorming, writing or even editing.Comes with a powerful content editor to make content creation a breeze.Turn 2 Words Into 1,200 Words Blog Post In 2 Mins

Human Voices for Your Videos & ChatBots

AI Writes Voiceover Scripts & Generates Human-Like Voiceovers With Emotions.

AI writes a powerful script and turns it into audio using one of our human-like voiceovers to help sell your business. Choose from a wide section high-quality male and female AI voices. Most natural human voices for every type of content - sales videos, explainer videos, ads, demo videos, vlogs, social media, training videos, video commercials, and many more.

AI Voices & Voice Cloner

AI Transcriber & Voice Changer

AI Transcriber & Voice Changer

Turn Any Audio Into Text... Edit, Rewrite Or Summarize Using AI

Say goodbye to the hours of manual transcription... Let AI handle your transcription for anytype of audio in any language. Need a summary? Our advanced AI can even generate important bullet points for you in a click.

Text To Art

Turn Any Text Into Compelling Images & Arts In Seconds Using AI. Instantly generate photorealistic arts you can use in your business or sell to clients.Generate in seconds & use them to grab attention & drive more traffic & engagement

AI Text To Image

Chat With Ethan & 100+ AI Employees

All-in-one AI Marketing Assistant... 10x Better than ChatGPTWith ChatBlocks, you'll have an up-to-date virtual assistant at your fingertips, ready to help you with  your marketing needs.
- Can answer questions and write anything
- Up to date (connects to the web & google)
- Can create AI arts
- Can design landing pages
- Can create videos
- Can generate audio
- Remembers previous conversations.
- 200 + Prompt templates or create your own
- 100+ AI Employees
- and many more


AI Bot Builder

Custom ChatBots

Create your own custom chatbot trained with with your own business data.

Get instant answers for you, your customers, or your team with AI powered chatbots trained with your own content and documentation. Use as embedable widgets, direct link, or as a popup.

Perfect for customer service, automated question answering, knowledge management, coaching, and employee training. It's like building your own ChatGPT with your business data or your client's.

Seamless integration

With major autoresponders and marketing automation platforms like Aweber, Activecampaign,
Convertkit, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Mailvio, Sendio, etc. And to over 1,000 other apps
through WebHooks and Zapier as well!

Ethan does


Ethan has been trained to be a solution to all your marketing assets needs.

No need to spend thousands of dollars and waste time on untrustworthy freelancers or over-complicated tools.

Ethan does everything for you, plus you have 100% control with the inbuilt AI tools.

What would take you days or even weeks to do, is now possible in just a few minutes with AI.

Ready for the future of Marketing?

​​Put AI to work in your marketing and say goodbye to manually creating marketing assets