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Tired of spending hours on video production?

With AI Spokesvideo, you can now transform any text script into a captivating spokesperson video featuring real humans or avatars. No camera, studio, or video editing skills needed!

Boost your marketing, sales, training, and onboarding efforts with engaging, personalized videos created in minutes.

Snap & Captivate Your Audience


Step 1

Choose an Avatar: Select from 120+ AI avatars or let our AI generate one for you.

Step 2

Input Your Script: Use our AI script writer or type your own script

Step 3

Create Your Video: Watch as your script turns into a polished spokesperson video with perfect lip-syncing

Automated Script Writing with AI

Simply enter a keyword and let our AI script writer create an engaging script for you. Save time and capture your audience's attention with the perfect content.

120+ Diverse & Customizable Realistic Avatars

Choose from a wide range of avatars covering different ethnicities, ages, and poses. Create a spokesperson that truly represents your brand.

One-Click Avatar Generation

Turn any photo into an avatar or use our AI image generator to create an avatar from text prompt.

Convert your stagnant images into animated, conversational ones. Experience the thrill of seeing your everyday images come alive with MarketingBlocks!

Talking Photos

Transform Your Photos into Engaging, Talking Pictures. Simply select any picture (or generate an image with AI), provide it with a genuine human voice, and convert your stagnant images into animated, conversational ones.

Experience the thrill of seeing your everyday images come alive with MarketingBlocks!

Human like Voices & Voice Cloning

Choose from 73+ languages and 400+ voices, or record and upload your own voice for a personalized avatar experience. Clone your voice and use it on any avatar to create a consistent and authentic brand image.

Elevate Your Video Marketing

No Video Equipment

No Need for a Camera, Studio, Green Screen or technical expertise. Simply log in to our platform and start creating videos in minutes.

Avatars for Every Occasion

AI Spokesvideo offers a variety of avatars to choose from, including human spokespersons, animated characters, and more.

Saves Time and Money

With AI Spokesvideo, you can create professional-looking videos quickly and affordably, without the need for expensive equipment or professional video editors.


Turn your text into a high-quality video in minutes, directly from your browser. No need for complex editing software.

Multiple Languages

Create engaging spokesvideos in multiple languages and broaden your reach

High Quality

Get your videos in crystal-clear 1080P in multiplple dimensions (Reels, Stories, Square, Rectangle) & share  across all platforms.

Unlimited Possibilities with AI Spokes Videos

Game-Changing Use Cases for Next-Level Marketing Success

Product Demonstrations: Showcase your product's features and benefits through a visually engaging video

Sales Pitches: Deliver a compelling sales pitch using a personalized avatar.

Onboarding Videos: Welcome new team members or customers with a friendly AI spokesperson

Event Promotion: Promote upcoming events or webinars with dynamic, attention-grabbing videos.

Internal Communication: Share important company updates through engaging videos.

Website Content: Enhance your website's appeal with engaging avatar spokesperson videos

Influencer Marketing: Create influencer-style videos without the need for actual influencers.

Personal Branding: Build a unique personal brand with customized AI spokesperson videos.

Marketing Campaigns: Enhance your marketing efforts with AI-generated spokesperson videos

Training Modules: Create clear and engaging training videos for your employees.

Brand Storytelling: Tell your brand's story through a captivating AI spokesperson video.

Educational Content: Create educational videos to explain complex topics in a simple, visual way

Social Media Content: Boost your social media presence with personalized AI-generated videos.

Crowdfunding Campaigns: Share your vision and attract investors with compelling video presentations

Service Descriptions: Explain your services in an engaging way to potential customers.

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