Meet ChatBlocks

The Ultimate AI marketing assistant that writes, designs and creates your marketing assets - Landing pages, videos, banners, logos, arts, text, voiceovers, contents, business plans, books, lead magnets, and many more.

Say goodbye to tedious tasks and manual work - ChatBlocks has your back, taking care of all your marketing needs with just a few clicks.

Snap & Captivate Your Audience


Step 1

Begin by selecting an AI chat mode based on the what you want generated - pages, videos, text, audio, images, etc

Step 2

Engage in a conversation, providing  information and refining your request as needed

Step 3

Complete your masterpiece using our versatile editors - Document, Page Builder, Graphic, Logo, and more!

Full Stack... Does Everything!

The only ChatBot & AI assistant that can create Landing pages, videos, banners, logos, arts, text, voiceovers, business plans, books, lead magnets, image enhancement, the whole 9 yards. Anything you want, just ask.

Multimodal - We Are The First!

The world's FIRST and ONLY publicly available multimodal ChatBot that accepts and understands text, images, and voice input for seamless communication and collaboration.

Powered by GPT-4

ChatBlocks is powered by GPT4 and 57+ Other Gen AI Models + proprietary models & tech for unparalleled marketing content that stands out and captivates your audience.

200+  Prompt Templates Or Create Your Own Templates

Whether you're looking to create a social media post, business plan, or write a book, ChatBlocks has you covered.

Choose from over 200+ customizable prompt templates or even create your own templates for easy workflow.

200+ Marketing Prompt Templates
For Easy Work Flow
or Create Yours In Minutes

Automate Your Content Creation

AgentGPT Workflow

Unlock the power of automation with AgentGPT Workflows, designed to streamline your content generation process. Turn a simple keyword into a 40k-word book or effortlessly create other content types with our intelligent workflows. Save time and boost efficiency as you let AgentGPT handle the heavy lifting, transforming your content creation experience like never before!

Always Up-to-Date

Connected to the internet for real-time, up-to-date information, ensuring your marketing content is always relevant and fresh.
Seamless Editing With

Inbuilt Editors

ChatBlocks features powerful inbuilt editors for effortless content fine-tuning. Perfect your AI-generated marketing assets with our versatile Document, Page Builder, Graphic, and Logo editors, ensuring your creations stand out.

Custom Knowledgebase

InfoTags revolutionizes the way you manage your brand's information. This handy feature allows you to store essential details about your company, such as brand guidelines, voice, value propositions, and positioning documents.

Save time and enhance content quality by easily referencing and using these InfoTags anywhere and anytime within the MarketingBlocks Suite.

Keep your brand's message consistent and effective with InfoTags - your ultimate content creation time saver!

20x Better Than ChatGPT

Full stack - can create landing pages, graphics, videos, etc
Upto date via internet
Includes prompt templates
Unlimited GPT4 queries*
Include Editors - page builder, video editor, document editor, etc
Optimized for Marketers
Not Full Stack - can only generate text output
Not multimodal for the public
No internet - data ends Nov 2021
No prompt templates & workflows
20 GPT4 queries per hour
No editor to edit what ChatGPT writes or generates for you
General purpose

Level Up Your Marketing With AI

Save Time:

Eliminate hours of frustration doing it yourself or waiting for agencies, and get results faster

Save Money

Avoid costly freelancers, agencies, or expensive software by relying on MarketingBlocks AI.

High Quality

Produce expert-level content across copy, design, video, and graphics that rivals top marketers


Complete tasks in minutes that once took days or weeks, accelerating your marketing efforts by 10x

Easy pessy

No writing or tech skills needed – simply start with a friendly "Hi" and let the AI do the rest

100+ Languages

Work in any language to expand your reach and sales across borders effortlessly

Adaptive Learning

Benefit from AI that continuously improves and adapts to your specific needs and preferences.


Trust in our commitment to data privacy and security, protecting your valuable information


Add an extra AI staff member to your team for less than the cost of a daily coffee, maximizing value and efficiency

Oh, And It Has
20+ AI Tools Too

Unlock the entire MarketingBlocks suite of 20+ AI tools including AI page builder, AI graphics, AI logos, AI videos, AI writer, AI voices, AI voice cloning, AI chat, custom chatbot, and more.

Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

Let ChatBlocks supercharge your marketing efforts and help you create outstanding content that drives results.